New vanilla challenge, hooray!

This is Miyo Sada!

09-14-17_10-55-56 PM.png

You may remember her as a sim I created for a project I saw over on the forums (no? ok). Well, she’s grown up and been re-purposed for this new challenge! I’ve also decided to start using my neighborhood rotation blog for her and use the town I just set up. I gave some of the premades makeovers and deleted their old households.

(This is Megs from MeggSims, BTW!)

Anyway, this is a one Generation challenge (thank goodness!) where you focus on the photography skill. CeCethesims created it and she’s calling it the Starving Artist Challenge.

GOALS: Max your photography skill and become a famous photographer.  This means having at least 5 friends, a partner, and a child.  You must also have a house with three bedrooms and a pool.

So! Miyo started on the chosen lot from the challenge rules. I rotated it to fit in Willow Creek and moved the two trees only (already breaking the rules!)

09-14-17_11-12-36 PM

Aw, don’t look so glum, Miyo! We’ll get started by taking a selfie.

It’ll go above the sink for now.

09-16-17_9-35-51 PM

As I pondered what to do next we began to get walkbys. Miyo went out to greet Jesminder and Marcus who stayed to chat a while.

09-16-17_9-42-42 PM

This guy did, too. Do you recognize him? It’s Travis Scott from the BFF household! His new haircut suits him, I think… (Reminiscent of pre-serum Steve Rogers? Maybe?)

09-16-17_9-43-48 PM

Marcus and Travis left when the welcoming committee showed up. Miyo invited Jes inside to join the fun since they seemed to already get along fairly well.

09-16-17_9-51-27 PM.png

Our guests are very special and happen to be some old school premades!

This first gal is Brandi Broke from Sims 2! Her husband, Skip, is in the second picture with Sylvia Marie Mashuga from Sims 1! The blonde gal is Summer Holiday with her new makeover.

Miyo was pretty pleased with her impromptu party.

09-16-17_10-00-37 PM

She set to work on making a fruit salad. At this point I realized that she had the master chef aspiration so I changed it to soulmate since I anticipate she’ll find someone and marry. (I’ve got my eye on Salim or Akira but Travis isn’t looking too bad, either…)

09-16-17_10-02-19 PM

I’m glad she was able to meet so many people on her first day in Willow Creek. She needs to have five friends for this challenge. I’m thinking these four are a good start.

When the party ended I decided to send Miyo and her new friends out for some fun.

09-17-17_11-26-57 AM

One aspect of this challenge is that you must accept invitations to go out and take a picture at every place you go. I decided to get used to going out before it actually happens. You know, for reasons. Also, I really wanted to catch Akira or Salim out in the wild…

When they got to the karaoke place the bartenders switched shifts from my simself, Megs, to collab legacy founder Elise Robinson!

During the shuffle Megs switched back to her Bad!Megs outfit and I saw our prize: AKIRA!

09-17-17_11-27-51 AM

Miyo dropped whatever conversation she was having and ran outside to meet him. He almost got away, too! (He couldn’t outrun her, bwa ha ha…)

09-17-17_11-30-52 AM

She invited him to join her entourage, which by this time was massive.

09-17-17_11-40-59 AM

The contest announcement popped up so she tried her hand at karaoke. She was not great but she had a good time.

09-17-17_11-39-26 AM

We accomplished a lot on her first day! She made some new acquaintances, found a possible future husband (no marriage for a while – you can’t add any furniture until you have $5,000 saved so it would be cramped!), upped her photography skill, and learned how to sing.

Pretty good, I think.



PS: Here are some more townie makeovers/premades we ran into!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next time I’ll have all the links for those “out of towners” (premades from previous Sims games) since I found them on the gallery! I picked the ones that looked the best, IMO, so you can share in the joy of nostalgia. 🙂


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